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The suggested procedure for dealing with this module
In this module you will learn how to do Paper 3 (Use Of English) Part 3 (Key Word Transformation) 1. Study Full Description first. Read thoroughly do-s and don`ts and how to improve. Do practice exercises linked on the same page. 2. Study The Subjunctive Mood (4 activities here). If you feel this is not enough send a message to forum asking for more. 3. Study Passive Voice (2 activities here), don`t forget to do the quiz from the 1st one. 4. Study Reported Speech (theory and exercises) 5. Do Practice Tests designed in FCE Paper 3 Part 3 format (remember - you meet much more structures and grammar material there - we revise just the hardest topics!) 6. GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK IN THE FORUM (See Introduction) saying what ELSE you think you need to be confident while doing this Part