This course is for people who are going to take (and pass) the FCE (First Certificate in English) examination.
The basic requirements are as follows: - age 15+ - Word, e-mail - good user - Upper Intermediate Level of English (B1-B2 CEF) The course consists of 7 parts, from 2 to 14 hours on-line each. You are supposed to spend some time off-line preparing for the lessons. There is a test at the end of the course, the procedure is similar to that of the real FCE exam. The students can see the tasks for each week only if they complete the previous task.

If you are not sure about your level of English (whether it is B2 or not) try our Placement Test. If your score is 70% and higher - your level is suitable for the course.

FCE exam information

course information

All the on-line resourses used in this course are taken from public non-commercial sites and given here as supplementary material for the course. You can see the list of all these sites here