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КНУ им. Тараса Шевченко'10, Киевский национальный университет им. Тараса Шевченко
Теория и методика преподавания иностранных языков и культур

Ученая степень:
22 года - Опыт работы в государственных учебных заведениях.
19 лет - Опыт репетиторской деятельности (очно).
14 лет - Опыт репетиторской деятельности (дистанционно, онлайн)

О себе

I want my students to give a tool of being able to learn languages by enjoing and not by boiring. Best way to learn a foreign language is the integrated approach by getting the four basic types of learning:speaking, writing, listening and reading. The communicative method gets the feeling of proficiency. This method allows you quickly and unhurt to learn complex material. We will have next courses:

German - Russian;Russian - German, English - German, German - English; Ukrainian

Help to prepare from A1 (beginner) to C1-C2 (advanced level) of German language, Russian and Ukrainian languages as well as to prepare for international exams ZD, ZDJ, Start Deutsch and as well as prepare for the exams of higher level like TestDaf. Sure, I can help with English from beginner until intermediate level.

have two degrees in philology. I am a certified teacher of German, English and Ukrainian languages. With the German language is a good practice abroad. So as I was trained in the Austrian high school and lived in the language environment. Russian and Ukrainian are my native languages. My Teaching is since 2002.I taught at various secondary schools, high schools as well as at colleges. I developed my own methods and approaches to teach.

I can offer the next topic courses:


ZD,ZDJ, A1, B1 etc.

Start Deutsch Zertifikat

beginner English/ German

elementary English/German

intermediate English/German

advanced German

upper-intermediate German

I offer individual and group lessons. My schedule is flexible.

Цены и варианты занятий

  • Немецкий язык
    • Немецкий язык:
      • Онлайн: 900 руб. / 60 мин. (по Skype)
  • Английский язык
    • Английский язык:
      • Онлайн: 900 руб. / 60 мин. (по Skype)

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