• What is DisTTutor?

    DisTTutor is an Internet-based service that provides online teachers and their students with an effective learning environment. The service provides capabilities to plan and schedule classes, create online courses and conduct learning activities on a special Flash-based platform. We help tutors and teachers from all regions of Russia, CIS as well as other countries find students and assist students find qualified teachers.
  • How are online classes conducted?

    The teachers conduct online classes in Skype or in a special Virtual Classroom, where the student and tutor see and hear each other and work together with educational materials, write and draw on a special whiteboard. In its essence the online classes do not differ from the classroom (face-to-face) and in many ways are even more effective as the online classes promote intensive speaking that develops student’s thinking. The online classes can be easily controlled by parents and/or recorded.
  • What are the fees?

    The price of online classes range from 300.00 RUB to 2000.00 RUB depending on - tutor experience (the greater the experience, the higher the price); - subject (the greater the demand for a subject, the higher the price). E.g. foreign language classes are more expensive; - level of difficulty (preparation for an exam is more expensive than addressing knowledge gaps among schoolchildren; preparation for an academic competition is more expensive than the preparation for the exam, etc.) The average price of a class is available in tutors profiles. See more information about price of the online classes (http://dist-tutor.info/library/index.php?id=45)
  • How to pay for online classes?

    Payment for the online classes is done directly to a tutor, using online payment service (e.g. Yandex.Money, etc.) or a bank transfer.
  • How to choose a tutor?

    You can entrust our manager with tutor selection. For this you need to submit a request using our home page or choose your tutor yourself. In any case, tutor selection and further assistance and support to our clients is free.
  • Is selection of a tutor free?

    Yes. Tutor selection service is free of charge to the client.
  • What if I want to change my tutor?

    You may refuse the tutor service. Leave your feedback which will be taken into account for further work with the tutor and entrust our manager with tutor selection. Tutor selection is free of charge.
  • Do you carry out tutors’ background check?

    Yes. Every tutor that works with DisTTutor accepts terms and conditions of the offer, signs a declaration of consent to processing of personal data, and provides the necessary documents that confirm his personal data. For more details, see http://dist-tutor.info/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=748
  • Do you perform quality control of tutor services?

    Yes, as the quality of services is our main goal. After the first class, we contact the Customer on the phone to verify that the selected tutor meets Customer’s expectations. After all of the classes conducted we collect Customer feedback on the tutor and results achieved. In order to achieve high quality of teaching services we not only oversee the work of tutors, but provide necessary training to improve quality of teaching.